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Loading... is a shipper interactive web portal for shippers to seek instant backhauler freight quotation, or call and we will data enter and seek carriers bids for your cargo. The interactivity is personal service by a Master Broker©, the highest broker certification available

Thru Loadtraining if you already have a quote from your local carriers, simply go online complete the info about origin/destination zip code, and a load description ANDÉ

Receive market evaluation quote in a minutes from Truckalocity and an authorized and insured motor carrier plus showing our commission, as required by Law [49CFR 371.3(c)].

Upon your rate approval, the motor carrier insurance Acord showing Public & General Auto Liability AND Cargo Policies with expiration dates is required of the motor carrier. If you want to be Acord¨ listed by the motor carrier as an Additionally InsuredÓthere is no extra charge and you will have your Acord listing in a few minutes.

Upon a booking, we not only book the truck, we track driver to Pick-up and trace your cargo to Delivery.

If there is any claim for loss by any eligible party (Carmack), we will mediate said claim to its logical conclusion, with the motor carrier, as your Master Broker© advocate.

Try this more responsible approach to brokering, you will be glad you did.

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