F.A.Q. – 1

I have a shipper following transportation business, can I become an Agent for Truckalocity.com ? NO, first you need to graduate from LoadTraining.com with a Master Broker® certification. Master brokers learn how to arrange transportation without assuming or accepting motor carrier liability while doing so…. No double brokering permitted

F.A.Q. – 2

I have a trucking company, can I open a Truckalocity.com Agency to compliment my trucking company activity? Yes, most of our Agents have a trucking operation, and/or a load finding operation, and want to add Licensed and bonded property brokerage to their public shipper offerings. But first of course, you must attend a 5 or 7 Day Master Broker® training program in any of 6 American cities.

F.A.Q. – 3

I have a shipper following in my trucking company, As an Agent am I protected from other agents or brokers back solicitation. Yes, Truckalocity.com is a broker/agent network that is not a predator on your existing clients, new clients obtained while an Agent, and after leaving Truckalocity agency forever more.

F.A.Q. – 4

I am a load finder for my relative’s trucks and trucking Authority, can I still be a load finder for my relatives AND be an Agent at the same time? Yes, Trucklocity.com does not want to have anything to do with your load finding business, or your trucking operations, however, Truckalocity Agency perfectly fits into your transportation business models as a separate profit center… Remember Truckalocity provides a Bond and License for you brokering efforts. You must first graduate from LoadTraining.com Master Broker® certification