(MC# 360363) is an International network of Master Broker®s trained by an expert to achieve superior transportation purchasing results for shippers.

Master Broker®s are trained to the highest transportation market 3rd party logistics capability by and David G Dwinell. Who would you trust with your freight, someone with a Master Broker®s degree or an untrained person. is manned ONLY by Master Broker®s

Few shippers understand that most Brokers are trucking companies whose market goal is to get as much money from shippers as possible. Master Broker®s learn to interact in the marketplace with Authorized and insured backhaulers. Their pricing is, on average, 60% less than the outhaul freight rates shippers are currently “enjoying”. 
Respond to a Master Broker®s request to provide you a quote on a freight movement and see the price difference immediately. Most brokers act like dispatchers offering an arms length business transaction. Master Broker®s understand that their service to shippers is a personal service, kind of like a travel agent. Master Broker®s provide true market freight rates, not just what the carrier wants. Freight rates are governed by Supply and Demand, shouldn’t your company receive the benefit of actual market rates 
Master Broker®s collaborate with you, the traffic or purchasing manager, to help you achieve superior performance in your job of purchasing the BEST TRANSPORTATION FOR THE LEAST COST. Master Broker®s are provided a huge database of Authorized and Insured motor carriers who need help going back to their home base. Backhaulers substantially discount their return rate to get back quickly to their higher paying freight at their home base.

Master Broker®s services may even protect your company from the liability of a negligent hire.

Google Puckrein v ATI Transport, where a shipper was found liable in a wrongful death in a car/truck broker accident. works diligently to avoid motor carrier liability in their brokering conduct, thus protecting you and your company should something nasty happen in the course of transportation.

Best of all, Master Broker®s will adjudicate any cargo claim for loss by you. Most untrained brokers cut and run when claims occur. Our Master Broker® training includes Voluntary Claims Resolution training and will resolve 95% of freight claims to their logical conclusions. Try the difference and you will see. Call Joy Dwinell, President of, to find the nearest Master Broker® to you and your shipping needs.